Letter from the Organizer

Hello, fellow Artist!

Thank you so much for expressing your interest in the Stickers For Food PH project. It really means a lot that you would volunteer your time and skills for a common cause to help our fellow Filipinos in need.

Here is the gist of the project:

We are looking for artists to contribute their food-themed sticker artworks. These will be compiled into sticker sheets that will be sold as both digital printable sticker sheets and printed sticker sheets. All the proceeds will go towards a previously chosen initiative (PAG-ASA) to help put food on the table for the local Filipino community.

For specific details, please refer to the rest of the document. It covers all aspects of the project, from how it will be run, how finances will be collected, and concerns such as copyright, among others. We have done our best to provide a clear picture of how everything will go, in the interests of providing total transparency with all involved.

Please read everything carefully, as this information has been outlined not just to make the whole project run smoothly, but also for the safety and protection of all participants. 🙂

Don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions!


Many thanks (in quarantine),

Mel Cabral
Founder & Project Head
Stickers For Food PH Team


NOTE: If necessary, this document may be updated or improved to address additional concerns as they come up. All updates to this document will be logged.

Project Basics

Participants' Roles


As Project is a non-profit work, Organizer relies on the goodwill of Artists, Donors, Project participants, and all people in the local and international community to respect the rights outlined in this document.

As such, Organizer wishes to emphasize the following:

Artwork Specifics

Sales and Payment Methods

Product Pricing

Marketing and Promotions


Security and Fraud Prevention

Privacy Policy

Agreement to Project Terms

  • By volunteering for and contributing Artwork for Project, Artist fully understands and agrees to all the guidelines and mechanics discussed in this document.
  • By purchasing any Product from Project, Donor fully understands and agrees to all the guidelines and mechanics discussed in this document.